Upper Elementary School Department gives your kids a great place to be themselves while discovering what it takes to be be a young adult.


Upper Elementary School Department

Upper Elementary School Department (UESD) is an excellent place for your kids to take up new tasks and learn to complete them.

Our methods include:
i. Demonstration method
ii. Use of Visuals and video
iii. Play way method
iv. Illustration
v. Catching events are Horse Riding Extravaganza and 12000 leagues under the sea.

Our teaching is Child Centered and so our evaluation is in four (4) categories as follows:
1. Pre-Test (First Assignment): This is given at the first week of resumption. A review of last term’s work and it’s done in the classroom
2. Project: This is the learner’s creativity and practical work that makes them discover and express their creative abilities and skills in arts, thinking, phonics and mathematics. This is given after two to three weeks after resumption.
3. Quality Assurance Test One: This is given after four (4) weeks of resumption. Learners knowledge about topic presented in the scheme of work for the first three (3) weeks after resumption is tested on the fifth week with this QA test.
4. Evaluation: Examination is conducted at the end of the term.

Our Classes range from:
1. Class of Excellence 4 (COE4)  8 years old

2. Class of Excellence 5 (COE5)  9 years old

3. Class of Excellence 6 (COE6)  10 years old

In UESD, we have a resource room with a resource personnel that supplies academic materials for the effective learning process of the learners.

Our operating hours are as follows:
7:45am – 3:00pm
After School 3:00-5:00pm

The subjects offered in UESD include:
Math Skill, Language skills, Scriptures, Music, Handwriting, National value, Basic Science, Vocabulary, Health and Life Skills, Information and Communication Technology, Nigerian Language, Thinking skills, and Diction.

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Individualized care

Our UESD program includes: