We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun, spiritual and educational activities.


Our history

Little children are Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre opened in May 2000 and consisted of just two learners and classrooms; David Crèche for infants, and The Daniel Reception One for three-year-olds. It was originally a homeschool called Pedro y Amigos (Pedro and friends) Infant Learning Centre. In September 2000, children were invited to join the preschool and then the name was changed to Little children are Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre or Little Blessings for short. It was dedicated in December 2000 with 10 learners in the David Creche, Joshua Playgroup and The Daniel Reception 1. Just three years after Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre first opened its doors, in September 2003, the Centre started her primary school classes nearly doubled its square footage and, shortly thereafter, its enrollment, with the addition of two classrooms. In August 2004, Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre launched its fulltime school-age summer program. By May 2, 2005, the Centre had increased to Class of Excellence 4 (now Class of Excellence 5) with over 150 learners. On May 2, 2010, Little Blessings was renamed Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre, and today houses over 500 learners in her Golf Club Road Campus.


Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre has remained progressively on the path of a positively evolving institution fine-tuning our processes, applying the clearly identified principles of quality assurance, training and retraining our educators to enable each one deliver on our mandate of excellence both in character and in learning

We are specific with our goals; we know how much to expect from both learners and educators within a time frame; we are very positive that our goals are achievable and sustainable especially since our confidence is in God. This is why we are bold to ask you to entrust your child to us.


Our Vision

Training a child should begin early. As was earlier mentioned Child experts say that the most critical period in the acquisition of knowledge and skills is between the ages of birth and six years. By this time an individual should have acquired about 80% of what he or she will ever know in life. With this in mind, we have the following vision:

  • Listening ears:

We will listen to what the child wants to do and how he/she really feels about things.

  • Open Arms:

We will show love to the child, to foster oneness from teacher to child and from the child towards others.

  • Versatility:

We tailor- make learning using state-of-the art materials and our own unique curriculum to suit the child’s educational and social needs.

  • Encouraging words:

As a Christian Learning Centre, we will affirm the child through positive reinforcement

Our Mission

In order to accomplish our collective school visions, we have this mission: