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October 20 2020

September 22 2020


  • Sale of Application Form:

Forms for entrance examination are on sale month of each year (from January to December).

  • Selection:

Learners are admitted into the Class of Excellence 1 (Year 1) if they meet the following criteria for selection:

  1. Age: Candidates must not be less than 5 years old on December 31st of the year he/she enters Class of Excellence 1 (Year 1) and must be able to
  2. Entrance Examination: Candidates shall be required to pass both written and oral to qualify for admission into the Learning
  3. Staff Children: Bonafide GBCLC Staff children (not relatives or ward) who meet minimum requirements will be automatically admitted if they meet the two criteria. Because of limited space in each class, candidates are selected strictly based on merit to fill available spaces for each
  4. Religion: Great Blessings Christian Learning Centre does not make provision for the practice of other faiths or religions in the This notwithstanding, GBCLC will not discriminate against children of other faiths provided the parents or Guardians of the child sign the Religious Undertaking/Consent forms which are attached to the Application form. This form stipulates that the child shall participate in all Christian activities of the school and time shall NOT be given for the observation of any other faith-related activity apart from the one.
  5. Transfer Examination Information:

Transfer forms are usually on sale between in the Trinity Term and during the long vacation (August to September). Exams are held during the 1st week of September of the year of admission.

Transfer into all classes subject to availability of space in the class of interest. To qualify for admission on transfer, all candidates wishing to transfer into any of the classes above will be required to take a transfer examination and score a minimum of 50%. However, a candidate may retake the exam after an interval of a week after an initial attempt if he/she does not score the minimum marks required for admission. This shall however attract modest extra charges.


admissions team looks forward to learning about you and your family.

Great Blessings Christian Learning centre is a welcoming community that offers a continuous education through Foundations to Class of Excellence 6 (COE). We seek to admit students from a variety of backgrounds and families who will add richness and diversity to our community.